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Heather is a Reiki master based out of Seattle, WA. It is with joy that she shares her experience and skill to help her clients to improve their lived experience - to feel more whole, connected, and to release old patterns of the past that could be holding them back from living life as fully true to them as possible. 


A longtime practitioner of yoga and meditation, she took her first Reiki training in 2017. 

It felt like the missing piece in her life and she began a daily practice of self-Reiki. She went on to train with several Reiki masters and to become a Reiki master herself. She continues to deepen her own personal practice and understanding of Reiki so that she can best use it to facilitate growth and healing in others. 


In addition to her Reiki qualifications, she has several yoga certifications with a background in both vinyasa and Hatha yoga, she is a graduate of Bauman College as a natural chef, and a certified labor and postpartum doula with a focus on the holistic nourishment and recovery of the new mother or parent.


Along with her husband, Heather owned and ran a vinyasa yoga studio in Berkeley, CA before moving to Seattle in 2022 in order to be closer to their family. She is the very proud mother of 3-year old Lucie and considers her to be her greatest teacher. 

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